Coverage Plans

Warranty Administrative Services provides various warranty products to accommodate all customer needs. We offer Powertrain and Expanded coverage. We also offer Driver Protection Plan Services.

All warranties include the following benefits:

   Use the mechanic/garage of your choice. Just call us before you go for repairs (subject to competitive bid)

   No claim forms required

   24-Hour, toll-free claims assistance

   We can pay the garage directly with our Corporate credit card, check or reimburse you if you paid the garage.

  • Engine: Every moving part inside the engine, except rubber belts, is covered. Period. This includes the following: pistons and rings; rods and bearings; camshaft and bearings; valves; pushrods and lifters; engine head(s), block and cylinders, if damaged as a result of failure of covered components; oil pan; flywheel; valve covers; engine mounts; intake and exhaust manifolds; oil pump; distributor shaft; distributor gear; distributor bushing; timing gear chains.

  • Transmission: Every moving part inside the transmission case is covered. Period. This includes the following: clutches, bands, pumps; internal shafts; thrust washers and bearings; governor; torque converter; accumulator assemblies; servo; transmission mounts; shift linkage; all gears; synchrohub assemblies; input shaft; and case if damaged as a result of failure of covered components. (Does not cover manual clutch assembly.)

  • Includes all PowerTrain Protection PLUS Electrical, Suspension, Instrumentation, Brake and Body Components

  • Electrical: Starter, alternator, generator, voltage regulators, trunk lid motor, windshield washer pump, wiper motors, starter solenoid, ignition control unit, powerseat motor.

  • Suspension: Upper and lower control arms, wheel bearings and wheel bushings, upper ball joints, lower ball joints.

  • Instrumentation: Mechanical: Speedometer,tachometer, temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, ampere gauge.

  • Brake Components: Brake cable, compensating valve, brake line tubing and fittings.

  • Body Components: Door and trunk locks, door hinges, latches and locks.