Warranty Administrative Services is one of the largest suppliers of extended and expanded vehicle warranty products in the country. We offer low-priced, quality-guaranteed, direct-to-consumer warranty coverage--without the markup of dealer commissions.

How can we offer such good coverage at such a low price?

It's simple. A car dealer can get as much as 60% commission or $1200 on a $2000 warranty, which means only $800 of the total cost is actually for the purchase of the warranty. At Warranty Administrative Services we avoid those markups and pass the savings onto you - the customer.

We attribute our success to our excellence in Customer Service and we continue to provide the highest level of service in the warranty arena.  

Corporate Culture
We believe that innovation, motivating employees, cutting edge technology and striving to keep that personal customer touch, is the engine that will keep us vital and growing. Our culture embraces creativity, seeks different perspectives and risks pursuing new opportunities. We create and rapidly convert technology into products and services, constantly searching for new ways to make technology more useful to our customers.  

Financial Strength
We are focused on creating opportunities to develop profitable partnerships, distribution channels and international expansion.